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Windows 10 lite version for old laptop fast and smooth

Windows 10 lite is much more excellent. For those whose system is old. Or cheaper. You can definitely enjoy this version by installing it on them. If you’ve been waiting for Windows 10 to come out, you are in luck. The new operating system is meant to be a perfect replacement for the aging XP. it is a wonderful upgrade, especially for low-end laptops.

Windows 10 Lite is made by Microsoft itself.

No, it was not created by Microsoft itself. But it’s the same iso that we boot into our USB. The same thing happens. We just remove the redundant apps from it. Which we have named Windows lite.

There are some questions.

Will Windows lite be updated? Yes or no will be updated.

Windows 10 lite is not made by Microsoft itself. It is eligible. But this iso is really safe. you use this iso and install the lite edition. Windows 10 lite third party person. This is illegal on Microsoft. I make this iso made it myself. And it’s perfectly safe. It does not contain any viruses. And you can do it.

1)  2 GB ram

2)  Orignal wallpapers

Just remove some software apps

How do I convert this to Orignal Window10 iso?

I’ve removed some apps that most of us don’t use. And it’s perfectly safe. And it’s also agile.


Can you use it with a one GB ram?

You cannot use it on a GB laptop and another operating system.

minimum requirements 2 GB ram and 10GB storage

Be sure to keep that in mind

If you have downloaded Windows 10 in any other way. You do not want to be frustrated. Someone may have put viruses and such files in it. Which can damage your system. I have only and only customized this iso. As I have already told you. You should never download from sites that you do not know. You can download and use it. this is safe and secure. Please watch this video for information.

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