What is Keyword Research in SEO And His importance in SEO

What is Keyword Research in SEO And His importance in Seo Full guide Step by Step

What is Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword Research in SEO the purpose of performing keyword research is to find words and phrases that users search for on Google and other major search engines.

Keywords are ideas and topics that define. What your content your issues.

This complete article guide for Beginners on keyword research in SEO and its importance: keyword density long-tail keywords or short.

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Types of Keywords 

Longtail keyword

Short tail keywords

What is Low Competition Keywords Keyword Research in SEO

Low competition keywords are also a keyword. But you must know that you have to know it. And suppose you want your site to rank on Google soon. I can explain to you this popular article, and you read it easily.

You have to keep this in mind. Because suppose you have any keywords and any topics. You have to know about it. Let’s see how much work is being done on this keyword. After learning about it, you have to check its keyword density. You need a tool to check the thickness. The name of this tool is SEO quake. You can use this tool to know about keyword density and what is the volume of this word.

Low so clear if you have understood the disadvantages of working on the high competitors.

It will not be helpful to you if you follow it and work on high compare words. Like a keyword is WhatsApp. It will take you years to work on this word. If you add some more competitor keywords with it, your chances will increase.

Let’s move on. Now you have to focus on the living tail and short tail keywords. Long-tail words can boost your rankings like a single word on which all of the words are working. Pick it up and work if you can. So you’ll hardly find rankings on this keyword. You will be clear on the Example. You are working on an iPhone, and you are choosing and placing the target keyword phone there.

Google’s Algorithm

If you do not do this at all, who will not rank you? If you add more words to it, then Google’s algorithm will make sense to you when they know. Then there will be keywords rank and boost on your site. And if even one of your keywords gets ranked on Google.

So anyone will search your keyword whenever. So Google will rank your location and show it to this person. And you will earn money for a lifetime. As long as no other person and works on this word, now the next step is essential. In which you will know about keyword density.

What is Keyword density? Keyword Research in SEO

Keyword density is beneficial for you. Because if you don’t focus on you must take care. The first of these is the keyword you are targeting. Find out the density of these keywords, how you need a tool first. The first tool is called SEO quake. This tool will make it easy for you. You have to set this tool; then, you can pin this extension. You have to click on its logo.

keyword-density-for-seo and Tools
keyword-density-for-SEO and Tools

And whatever keyword you are searching for—for Example, iPhone 11 pro your keyword. You have to look under it. You will know the keyword difficulty. If the keyword difficulty is more than 50, then don’t bring it. It will be difficult for you to work on them.


There will be no chance of your ranking if you get one of the 20 keywords above. So you or even less than you are lucky. Because it is effortless to work. And you will rank on this keyword in the future. And your site will overgrow. If you work focusing on all these tips and articles, no problem is coming to you. If you want to learn more, please subscribe to the Technical usman hanif Youtube Channel.

Keyword Research is not Essential

Therefore Some people say that keyword research is not essential. Nevertheless, you may have seen it on youtube and different platforms. But they are not aware and they are providing you with the wrong information along with you have to follow these things.

moreover, If you are a YouTuber or a blogger, you can do good SEO for your posts and Sites. Along with I will increase your rank sites. Because you will find helpful videos on my channel. But You will benefit a lot from watching them. There is more content for youtube, which you can help with them.


What is the best keyword difficulty tool?

Moreover, what is the best keyword difficulty tool? You can check any keyword KD. For this, you will find many tools on the internet on Google. Because using these tools, you can easily see any topic. One of these tools is the SEO quake, which is an essential tool. The number of users of this tool is very high. It is a famous extension.


I have been using it for two years, with pleasure. It is easy to use. There you have to write the name of the SEO quake extension like this. You have to install the extension in front of you in your chrome browser or whatever search engine you are using. Therefore a minimal extension. You can open it easily. And It also has many fun features.

What are the Volume and Traffic?


What Does traffic & Volume mean in SEO?

Moreover The name of the volume and traffic then you must have heard. But This road traffics very high. Because the book is too high. But that’s not volume and traffic. Along with refers to how much work is being done on this keyword or this topic. Volume traffic refers to your blog post or article.

Disadvantages high Competitor

Therefore low is so clear if you have understood the disadvantages of Working on a High Competitor.

Moreover, It will not be helpful to you if you follow it and work on high compare words. Like a keyword is WhatsApp. It will take you years to work on this word. If you add some more Competitor Keywords with it, your chances will increase.

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