What is Blogging And How to start blogging Easy Complete Guide 2022


What is Blogging in 2022 And How to start blogging Easy Complete Guide?

what is blogging
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What Is Blogging And How to start blogging You want to earn more from Blogging. Do you guys want to start blogging too? And with that, you want to make a lot of money. Today I will tell you what is blogging. And how to make money from Blogging. How do you get started blogging?

In this topic, you will know.

What is blogging?

You How to start blogging.

Simple Word Complete Guide What is Blogging free or paid?

How to make money from Blogging

And how to make money from Blogging. I will tell everything to you. So now I want to inform you all. So you must follow these steps. You will benefit greatly.

What is Blogging? 

You will not be confused about Blogging. Moreover, I will tell you quickly in simple words. Other than that. Blogging is one such way. In which you have to write an article, i.e. containing one paragraph. And what you have to post on the blog. It is called blogging.

Moreover, First, you have to know. Whatever blog you are creating. And you have to select a topic. Let me select the topic. And if you can tell me anything about it so far. In that Blogging, you have to create a blog. On this, you have to type an article in any place in your home. And you have to upload it on your website i.e. blog. That’s what Blogging is all about. Now let’s talk. That Blogging is free. Or is paid.


What is Blogging free or paid?

First of all, Blogging is free. But there is also birth if you want to start blogging for free. So if you want to blog on your Gmail account, they will become your free blogging site. Also, as I ate you, Blogging is paid. IT means you buy a website. That is, you buy a web hosting server and everything. It’s not too expensive to buy. You have to pay 3000 to 4000 rupees to buy a hosting. You can buy it. Which would have given you a year or so. According to this, the plane will be. You can also start blogging from scratch.

Before Blogging, proper topic selection?

Therefore You have to take care of this before Blogging. Which topic are you looking for you? Which means which blog, which site, which website you are creating. What are you talking about us? Each can have a different topic. You also have to select any domain name for your Blogging. All of them have to be related to your topic. What is meant by domain name? That you will create whatever blog. This name is called domain. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


Free Blog Create or paid hosting domain buy depends on you?

types of blogs

Moreover, Let me tell you if you are still a beginner. And you’re not talking about blogging yet. So that’s what I want to tell you first. That’s a lot easier than Blogging. And it’s complicated, it all depends on the job. If you understand this easy and will do a good job. So you will benefit. If you want to start blogging. So that’s it. If you have a Gmail account. In this, you have to create a blogging page. And there you have to type the article. And you also have to do its SEO i.e. search engine optimization.

As soon as you guys buy the name of your website. Or make your name on Blogger. Then you have to upload the articles there. And then upload it if you manage your blog or your WordPress website to work well. So you can earn great money from blogs.

Moreover, You will be blogging. And whatever article you write will reach the whole world. Which will make you a good brand. And you’ll be able to do more good.

Success blogging 

Anyone can do it, yes – beginners too can create a blog and become successful.

Blogging starts quickly. If you want to make money blogging, you’ve got to start a blog today in 2021 and 2022. Thanks for following. And subscribe to our youtube channel for more knowledge content. Moreover, visit our social media pages.

If you are a student. and you made make money online way through earning

If you are a student. And you are looking for a way your mind From which you want to make money online. And by supporting your knowledge So start blogging today thanks.

Moreover, You have to write your blog. Therefore then you have to make money from it. This way, you can link your blog to partner programs like Google AdSense. From which you can earn money.

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