What is Web 3.0 With Examples Metaverse technology Complete Info 2022

What is Web 3.0 With Examples Metaverse technology Complete Info 2022?

Today I am going to tell you. If you do not know about App web 3.0 with Examples Metaverse. So I will try k8i to understand everything in easy words with details. So first of all, if we look at Web 3.0. We need to know Web 1.0 and 2.0. If we go to both of them. So we will understand later with the ease of Web 3.0. So now we do.

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web 3.0 definition and examples


What are Metaverse And Web 3.0 With Examples

A metaverse is a fictional world. If you use the internet in this era. So you can only see things. And can play video games 3d. And you are a thousand in this place. In metaverse on the other hand you have to go somewhere. So you’ll be there in minutes.

As an example

If you are in your home. War is doing your heart. If you say that then what you see on your mobile on the internet you will go there. You’d think we just be there. It’s not just that. You will also feel everything. Whatever you are doing there. So it will be. That will make your mind feel quiet. This is because doing all this can lead to a lot of progress. And it can be of great benefit to a human being. But just as technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is web 3.0 Metaverse?

Because I do regularly come up with some fantastic videos which will be beneficial for you all, so in this video, We are going to discuss web 3.0. And before I go ahead concerning the web, you need to understand that we are talking about the web, right.

So suppose uh because of this internet you know many giant companies can become very popular you know. Who is earning excellent revenues? Which can sell their entire business to the standard population right out there now. If I talk about the internet, let’s go back somewhere around 20 years back. Somewhere between 1994 to okay so in these ten years

What was there, and since we are discussing web 3.0, we also need to know about web 1.0, web 2.0. And web 3.0. Please make sure that you watch this video until the end. Because you will understand a lot of things over here now. If I go somewhere around in this era. Where is that is between 1994 to 2004 therein 1994 internet? It has become much popular right now. There was the time you knew where you would be able to see. That there were many websites exactly there were many many websites. So many companies started building their websites. The primary purpose of those particular websites is to showcase their business to the entire

Population worldwide right. So because this website became popular. Some developers are getting hired to build their websites. They used to put that whole website on the world wide web. You know in www.

Web 3.0 With Examples Metaverse

What is Web 1.0 with Example

Main Highlight 

In Web 1.0 we could only read information. And was from 1990 to 2005. In this, we could only read information ie article content. In it, we found Netscape had its own browser. Found yahoo which was a very famous thing in those days.

Anyone can access that particular website. And see the content present on the website from 1994 till 2004. Suppose I talk about this specific over here.
It was very popular with Concerning web 1.0 we used to call this era as web 1.0 here definitely. Many companies came up with websites. It was pretty much famous. Many people could see their website see what kind of business they were actually doing now inside this web point 1.0.

You’ll be able to see a simple server will be there right. And a client will be there so the client will access this particular server. And get that complete website information right. Suppose this is the client is the server. So this was how the communication is going on concerning most of the website. Now if I want to add one more point during this period in 1994 to 2004. You know most of the websites were stagnant. It was not dynamic. You know there was content. It was static websites. So I want to mention this particular word. Which is called static websites, right static websites in static websites. We will only be able to read the content.

Web 2.0 2004 to 2021

Okay, read the content, so here you should understand. That in this static website. We will be able to read the content. That means accessing the information.

That the particular website itself and knows about the business knows about. That specific company knows about things. That we are probably reading from them right then came to the next era. That is between 2004 to 2021 let’s consider. I’m just putting this To date, let’s think. And right now this is the era that was all about web 2.0 now in web 1.0.


Web 2.0 with Example

Main highlight

As time went on, Web 2.0 came along. The pro benefited greatly from this. We also got the facility to read along with reading information. And we also got the feature of making videos.


We found youtube Facebook Instagram and other social media platforms for videos. Find web hosting and bloggers for articles. But if it had a file. You upload videos content to youtube. So Google and youtube keep 45%. And 55% gives you. And besides, Web 3.0 is its reverse. But in Web 2.0 we found the Play Store, the Apple Appstore. In which you used to create your own games and apps and publish them there. And our privacy goes to them. That’s Web 2.0.

If I talk about web 1.0, we mostly had static websites. You need to understand the keywords that I’m saying. In this, many users were reading the website reading the content right or ability to access the content as soon as web 2.0 came with the launch of various social networking websites like Facebook.

 Web 3.0 companies

web 3 If you know about Facebook, we saw many websites many youtube videos also in the youtube channel google right.

And WhatsApp now in this web point 2.0 these all websites were dynamic. So again I’m going to specify instead of static. I am going to write over here as dynamic okay dynamic websites.
Now in dynamic websites, users are not accessing the content. You know, suppose if I take an example of amazon dot in if I take a sample of Amazon.

The website now in amazon a user can log in, they’ll be able to use various services. The user will be able to log in they’ll be able to buy products right.

They will be able to similarly there are smaller companies will be able to sell their products right they’ll be able to do a lot of things again. If I talk about another company.

Which is youtube in youtube, many people can upload videos right many people can see videos right. And this is how they can even earn through ad revenues. Yes, ad revenues are proper. They can do multiple things from this and similar. There are a lot of websites on Facebook that can upload content they’re able to upload images. They’re able to upload the videos and do multiple things right. In all these kinds of dynamic websites, your user information is also getting saved your data like your photos on Instagram, pictures on Facebook. And videos on youtube.

Web 3.0 Features

That is getting uploaded over there, right. So if I talk about web 2.0, it’s more about two crucial things, right when I speak about web 2.0.

It is more about two things one is read plus write. When I say read or write. What does this mean you can access it. The content you can see the content. Also, you can write the content. Now, and I say what is right basically means uploading the images. Uploading videos uploading different things right.
You can log in to the amazon dot on the website. You can buy the products you’re able to sell the products in all these.

In similar cases, your personal information is also getting saved as correct information. That is also getting protected in these big giant companies. Let’s take an example of google. Right on youtube, you’ll see the ads that are coming how that particular ad is getting recommended. It is based on your behavior based on your personal information based on your behavior.

Concerning clicks and all those ads are getting advised. Because you may probably buy that specific product right so in web 2.0 again is they are having a centralized server these big companies like Facebook, google youtube right

They have a centralized server, please remember this is a centralized server.  And in this server, your complete information is getting saved right your entire report is getting saved. These companies, if I specifically talk about google youtube facebook. How they are earning money through ad revenues. They are using your personal information anyhow we may not know

What Is Web 3.0 and How You Can Make Millions

Similarly, May probably use that how they may be using different techniques in some other ways. They may be using and selling their specific products to you and in this particular case. I may take the example of ads.

if I talk about dotting, you know the information. That you are putting the browsing information that you probably the website is getting uh is tracking based on.

That is also recommending your specific products. So in short, in web 2.0, everything has a centralized server. If I talk about these giant companies. Inside the centralized servers. They are saving your information based on that. They are trying to sell their products. Most of the services s should also note you that one thing down. That most of the services are accessible in google you’ll be able to solve in goo on youtube.
you’ll be able to see multiple videos that will be educational videos entertainment videos you’ll be able to do various things on Instagram definitely. Who has numerous followers have many many followers?

They may also be getting an opportunity to do business. You know many companies will look for influencers right similarly in amazon dotting. You may be earning through different ways, right. Still, one crucial thing that you should note over here is that you don’t know. How your personal information is getting used. Moreover is an essential thing in web 2.0. Because of this, you know many cases have come up concerning privacy rights. So I hope you are getting the differences between web 1.0 and web 2.0.

Web 2.0 web 3.0 with Examples Metaverse

And why it is getting very much familiar. Why it is getting famous these specific days is because there are many tech giants. Who has their centralized servers that have a lot of data?
Who is tracking every service? Even those services may be completely free, right yes. They’re not charging you anything.
If I talk about Google, they’re not charging. When I speak about youtube. You can see any videos over there. You can use different types of google services like maps like locations but remember.


Web 3.0 open book web 3.0 with Examples Metaverse

When you’re using those services. They are storing your information. And they are using that information for your benefit right. Now, if I come to web 3.0, why it is viral. And why it may be the future. And this is entirely related to blockchain. Because why web 3.0 solves this problem?

There is no concept of centralized. You will be having a decentralized network like blockchain to save your complete information. Let it be a piece of personal data and all to have a centralized decentralized network. Before in web 2.0, you have a centralized network. Network wherein a big giant is solving saves all your information in their server. And maybe utilizing it to sell their products in different ways right in web 3.0.


Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 

Because of the blockchain technology now, instead of this decentralized network. You will be saving your information and decentralized network. If you have seen my blockchain tutorials right. What does a decentralized network mean? You will have a peer-to-peer network. And the peer-to-peer network looks something like this.

That means your entire information related to the internet will just not store in one central network instead. It completely decentralizes. What is an essential property in blockchain, right? What are these boxes that I’ve created? These are nothing but nodes in the network.

The nodes may be a person may be a company. It may be an entity. It can be anybody. Who is saving that information on devices and their computers? That can be anything as such proper which are free.

I also don’t know till what level my data maybe get to use to. And this is just an introduction concerning web 3.0.

Web 3.0 digital Network

Yesterday, I combined with web 3.0 will help you get ownership of the digital artwork. That you probably create. I’ll be making some amazing videos as we go ahead. But I hope you got an idea concerning web 3.0 concerning the internet. Yes, you have it all started from web 1.0. Which was entirely a static website in web 2.0. You had some dynamic websites. But remember all those websites. Who is read and write store? information is stored in a centralized server with web 3.0.

The concept of blockchain started coming up with this decentralized network. That will hold your entire statement in peer-to-peer net nodes. You will be able to get to know how your data will get used. It may also take permission of yours to access those data. So I hope you got an idea about web 3.0. That’s was it from my site. Please make sure that you subscribe to the channel. And yes, I’ll see you all in the following video. Have a great day. Thank you one day for your data.

Moreover, I Will distribute it inside this entire decentralized network. Not one centralized network will store that specific information apart from this on top of it. If probably someone has to use that particular data. There may need to have to take your permission to do that specific thing now is. The main advantage over web 3.0 is that here you at least know. How your data is to use. This is very much essential guys. How your personal information is going to use right now?


 Main Information With Examples web 3.0 definition and examples

We don’t know I may be using multiple services. Similarly, we use youtube. I use google this time. I use various services. This is how web 3.0 with Examples Metaverse can really bring a lot of changes. And it can help in terms of privacy. Right now, if I talk about web 3.0  it is nothing but a decentralized network. Which is in the form of blockchain. Where the entire information is probably a person. Who is accessing something for him now? Because of this decentralized network at least they can not directly use your data unless and until you have permitted that right so

Web 3.0 has benefited you. And it will have coins. Like if you upload too much content. You own them all. And in Web 3.0 you have to do the same. But of which I have already told you. Before, when you used to upload content, 45% of the time it had a platform itself. And what was left went to you.

Some examples

Some time ago in Web 1.0 and web 2.0. If you used to make music. You had to go to more people to sell it. And if you run your own ads to sell this thing. So at first, it seemed like your piss. A little less than that came to you. And on the other hand in Web 3.0. You will not spend much money. You can make more money yourself. As before you had to pay 45%. You will give you only 10%. And 90% can keep themselves.


Metaverse technology & Crypto  web 3.0 with Examples Metaverse

Metaverse legacy can revolutionize corruption. Bitcoin will be used in crypto. However, you can buy your land house. And much more from the metaverse. You have a lens that has 300 dollars. They will invest and then enjoy. This is going to be a very strange thing.


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