What is Guest Posting in SEO? For Beginners Full Guide Step By Step

What is Guest Posting in SEO? For Beginners Full Guide Step By Step

Guest Posting

What is guest posting in SEO?

Guest posting is the off-page SEO technique used to build backlinks for your website and your online reputation on another’s Blogger. Guest posting in SEO Guest posting is a method of writing an article for a website and getting a link to your website/ blog in return.

A guest post where you write an article and post it on someone else’s blog or website with their author bio. It is a great way to build an online reputation and drive a good amount of traffic. You may also link to your social media profile. For most of the rimes, you will get a link from the author bio:

How is Guest Posting Done? Guest Posting in SEO

You have to find a site whose Domain authority and Page authority are good. And then, you have to contact the admin of this website and get the URL embedded in this website. Whose URL and how to contact will guide you step by step. So you have to read all the details well.

How will this course enable you?

You will go into it.
How are guests posted?
What is guest posting?
Do people make money from guest posting?
How do you do guest posting?
How to talk to customers and people?
What should you take care of in this brief?
Will tell you step-by-step details. How to do guest posting in SEO

Do People Make Money From Guest posting?

Guest posting is an easy way to earn money. You guys can make a lot of money right now. So how do you guys do guest posting? If you want to. So you have to remember them all. And then, you can put them all into practice, which will enhance your experience.

Suppose you don’t know about guest posting at all yet. So if you want to learn, first, you need to know about da i.e. Domain authority and page authority. Then, you have to figure out how to do it.


The most important thing in Guest posting and Guidelines

If you are a beginner right now, you don’t know how to make money and give it to the website owner. So you have to pay attention to this thing first. It seems a bit risky to provide you with money from a foreign country and then receive it from the client.

You also need to be aware that you could be involved in a big scam if you make a mistake. As an example, I am telling you all this. If you get a reduction from a client or a client and then the client does not give you money for this work, you may be fruitful. These are all essential things that you should know so that you can do your business carefully.


First Step For Guest posting Check  Da and Pa  Websites and spam score.

If you want to know the da of any website, the easiest way is to download an extension called Moz. It will tell you the domain authority and page authority in your browser. It is why buggy and domain authority is essential. So you must have a list of sites. Site listing means you have to save the URL of the area whose domain rate is high and whose spam score is low. You can create an Excel sheet and save the URL in it. The Next Step I am going to tell you is essential.

Now the sites you checked. On these sites, contact us will be an option. Each site must have contact and about us page. You have to get him in his communications. Then you have to deal with the owner of this website.


Second Step How Do We Contact the Website Owner?

To do this, you need to contact the owner of this site with your Gmail ID to contact the owner of this site. And what do you write about it?
You need to know about this site related to how you are and how much monthly traffic is coming to your site. Whenever you mail, you will receive a reply in a short time or a few days. And you have to ask about the price of this site.

Google Team 

You will need to enter the URL of the client whose URL you want to transfer to another site. And the money from the admin is deducted. So you have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. That way, if they agree with your deal. So out of the money you will take from the client, you have to give it to the admin of this site. But you have to do all this carefully how to make money from him and how to give it to the admin of this website.

How to Send and Receive Money in Guest Posting in SEO

Then how do you take money from the client? And then how do you give it to the admin of the website you have dealt With at You will understand all this only. Moreover, if you go through all the details? For this, you have to choose the easiest method. That way, you and your client and the site owner to whom you are crediting the money should not face any hassle.


PayPal this, people and all business people choose the same money access method. PayPal is an easy way to send and receive money worldwide. But some countries do not have the facility as PayPal. One of them is Country Pakistan which has a PayPal band. It is a great way to get money for guest posting. The work of guest posting is going very fast in Pakistan. Moreover, PayPal may be restored in Pakistan or other countries soon.


What Can You Do Alone?

If you are alone and want to reduce it, you can do it yourself as an expert in this field. But if you don’t have that much work experience yet. You should never do it alone. Moreover instead, you can do this with someone you know. So you don’t have to face any problems. Here are some tips to help you get started: You can also follow us on social media if you want to know more.

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