What is Digital Marketing Strategy and Its Types Explained With Examples

What is Digital Marketing Strategy? And Its Types Explained With Examples 2022?

What is the difference between digital marketing and internet marketing? Digital Marketing Strategy and Its Types No difference Digital marketing internet marketing is the same and Digital marketing? And internet marketing is the same. Nevertheless, You can call it either digital or internet marketing.

What is digiatl marketing and his examples
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What Course Will Enable to you? 

  1. Gain an in-depth opinion of the different digital marketing methods and search engine optimization SEO, after social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC). The Website conversion rate optimization includes network analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing, email retailing, programmatic revision, marketing industrialization, and digital marketing policy.

2. Along with Original digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing and Twitter Advertising along with YouTube Marketing, and other social media platforms.

In today’s article, you will be given a complete guide to digital marketing if you are a beginner. So you will find everything in it that you want to know about marketing. And, my name is Usman Hanif. And you want to watch me on YouTube. So you can watch me there too. My channel name is Technical Usman Hanif.

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Strategy and Its Types

Digital marketing is the shopping of stocks or Services or trademark operating digital technologies,

Moreover essentially on the internet. Therefore including mobile telephones.

Digital marketing’s improvement Since the 1990s, picture display, and any other digital medium. 2000 has changed the style brands, and companies use technology for shopping.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy and Its Types Explained With Examples

As there are different methods of digital marketing, some of them are free and more paid. I am going to guide you thoroughly. Please read all your articles. You will benefit a lot.

When digital marketing came into the world, it made a massive revolution. The owners of big industries advertise their products for famous and quick money and sail products. So you can buy anything online and communicate with each other.

Digital Marketing Methods

1. Search engine optimization SEO – Free

2. Search engine marketing (SEM) – Paid

3. Social media marketing (SMM) – Paid

4. Social media optimization (SMO) – Free

5. Email Marketing – Paid

6. Mobile Marketing- Paid

1 Search Engine Optimization SEO Digital Marketing Strategy and Its Types

It allows traffic from the “free” “Organic” or universal search results on search engines. If easy words you study straightforward. You’ve got an issue, and it’s in deep trouble ranking SEO sites. If simple articles, you understand, accessible.

SEO That way, you can get good rankings. Your site and you can get traffic from all over the world. This method is a pure and longtime earning and Traffic resource.

That way, you can get good rankings. Your site and you can get traffic from all over the world. This method is a pure and longtime earning and Traffic resource. And the rest of the ways are costly. That’s why the whole world likes this method.

2 SEM * (Search Engine Marketing ) is earning website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.

Hence, social media marketing (SMM) uses social communications platforms and websites for advertising a stock or Service. You can promote your business using this method, which will rank your brand or site Google. But this method is costly.

I can be of great benefit to you even if you give me some money. But you can get it by doubling the money. It is an exciting and profitable way that big industries are using this method.


Like if you do a Google search. There you will also see an SEO site. Who has been ranked by the organic way by working hard? But they will be ranked higher than them, the SEO of which will not be anything special, but their site will be the rate on Google, which seems very interesting. The reason is that sites owners have paid Google to rank this page of their place on Google. The owners of this site can benefit in the future if visitors start coming to their sites as soon as you start getting results.

3 Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization means an imperative factor in your internet research rankings.

SMO is free. Why?

Further, Let me give you an example. And this is free of social media optimization because it also has a reason nevertheless you open Facebook. Nonetheless, I’m just telling you an example of Facebook.

But apart from that, there are also social media platforms because they all have the same procedure. Along with there is also an advertisement on Instagram. And there are also ads on LinkedIn that advertise or advertise your business, which leads to your business ranking.

We are now talking about social media optimization when you open. It is also a search engine when you search. Whatever you find there. There are all kinds of videos uploaded. Which are tutorials. Nevertheless, that is Social Media Optimization.

4 Social Media Marketing

Although, It is a very Popular and Powerful method for your growing business and Site Ranking.

Social media marketing is an innovative and easy way. Besides, this method can give a lot of benefits to your business. There is a reason for this too. Now the latest era is coming. And He is using a lot of social media platforms. And That’s it is the way. That can entertain anyone by using media.

Anyone who wants to get some knowledge will be able to search on social media. Now those are huge industries. Or school names etc., who use social media. And from them, he has made money on social media platforms. Also, For Example, Facebook, and Instagram, along with LinkedIn, etc. as examples. They will rank your business or your site on Google. Thanks

For Example

Therefore You will always open Facebook. And so while you are using it and you will see different ads. The paid advertisement on these ads. Because they must have paid Facebook, Facebook advertises its business, which increases your business’s ranking and site. Moreover, you can earn more than that. It will be a fantastic thing for you nonetheless for more information. For more helpful content Please subscribe And like our youtube channel. Thanks

5 Email Marketing

 It is the act of transferring a marketing message, typically to a group of characters.

Example: Therefore Mus must know mails. Moreover, we use many tools for this. Suppose we can’t use the tools. Therefore, we don’t have the data, and those people have data on top of niches; thus, they mail to the people Who have them. And they do all this process with the help of tools. This method is paying.

6 Mobile marketing

Nonetheless, It is a very famous method to grow a business. And Often you will have seen it on your mobile phone. And In which you will get the message. Example This brand is for sale, and you buy along with It will give you a discount. Therefore It is called mobile marketing.

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