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How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently New update 2022 Easy WAY

So guys, some days ago, I made a video on how to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently. As I published the video on YouTube, Instagram removed a page after some days. Now, if the user clicks on this option to delete. It is written ”the request page could not be found. Now, many people are saying that the page is not getting open. It can be a glitch, Or maybe Instagram has removed this page. Because so many Instagram account used to delete monthly.


The Two Method Of Instagram Account Delete

So let me tell you the process again. Understand it carefully. There are two methods for deleting the account. So let me tell you the first process from starting. Because maybe you are watching for the first time. Log in to your Instagram account in the Instagram app, go to set. I have not told you where you get technology-related information. Right Now, you have logged in to your Instagram account. Now go to settings to go to Settings click here.


Watch This Video full process Instagram account delete very easy Step by Step



Instagram Help Centre


Delete Instagram Account Permanently
Insta help center

Then click on the three lines present in the top right corner. Here you will get the setting option. After that, go to ‘help’ Then click on ‘Help Centre‘ As you will click on the help center it will ask for a browser request. So choose any one of these and redirect the page to this page from the browser. You used to click on ‘Managing your account. Which I told in the earlier video It shows.

The requested page could not be found” The page is not present. Now, you do not have t.o click here Scroll down. On the ”What’s Trending” section. You can see the option ‘Taking a break from Instagram’ Click on this, and this page will get opened managing your account section. Now click on how do I delete my Instagram account. As you click, you will come to this page. Here you can see delete your account.

Now, if your smartphone shows this option. Trending Taking a break from Instagram. If this option does not appear on your smartphone in the future what will you do? You get a search option here. Here you have to search How Do I delete my Instagram account. This is at the top how do I delete my Instagram account Click on it You will come to the same page. Which I just showed you Scroll down ”Delete your account” Click on this Now again. It will ask you to open the browser Again choose any of the browsers. After that, you have to enter the reason Basically.

What’s the reason behind deleting the Instagram account?

Here you get many options. Whatever your reason is for deleting the Instagram account, You can choose here. Well, I had asked the real reason before and asking now as well tell me in the comment box. Why are you deleting the Instagram account? As you choose the reason. It will ask you to re-enter your password.

So you have to enter your Instagram account password here. After entering the password, click on ‘Delete and your username’ It will ask you to click ‘okay’ Confirmation. Do you want to delete the account? So click on ‘Okay and your account will get deleted. But it won’t delete immediately. Here it will show you the date.

Instagram will not Delete the account for one month

If you delete your account now we won not delete it now. The Instagram team will say this to you Because they keep your account on their server as a backup for one month. Maybe your mind has changed after some days. That you don’t want to delete the account. Or something important has been left in the account. And you want to log in again. So that’s the reason Instagram keeps your account for one month to recover it. If you log in again to your account in 1 month your account will recover. It won delete If you do not log in within a month.

Then will remove your Instagram permanently from the server, which you can never recover. If you have any doubt and confusion in your mind, Then go to the learn again and watch this video. You will get a link to Delete Instagram Account Permanently explained In Urdu step by step. Okay, do check.  Subscribe to the channel Technical Usman hanif Press the bell icon and click on ‘All’ so that you will keep getting notifications of our new videos. Go to the channel and watch videos. If you found the helpful track. Then do subscribe to the way. Do the video. See you in the following video. Till then take care. Love you, bye-bye and take care.

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