Best Video players PC laptop windows 7 10 all feature 2022

Best Video players PC laptop windows 7 10 all feature 2022


Best Video Players

Best Video Players

Suppose you want to download videos. Best Video players PC And then you want to play these videos on a hidden video player. So today, I am going to introduce you to some such Video players. You can watch great videos that you use. You should also know that if you have HD videos whose quality is high. But then you need a good video player. So today, I will give you some of the best video players that you will use. And his message is better than all the other video players.

If you’re looking for the best free media player for your PC that will play almost any other video
about the audio format, you start at it; you have come to the right point.

These video players are on 7 8 10. And besides, you can play any videos on it. And you are not going to have any issue with all these software’s so let us inform you about them.

Best Video Players PC

5KPlayer media 
pot play
Media Player Classic – Home Cinema
KM Player.
Vlc Media Player 
GOM Player
Kodi player
Mpv Media Player 
Winamp Media player 
Real Player Media 

5KPlayer media 

It is a high-quality video player for Windows, and it is compatible with a wide range of video codecs and formats. In comparison, it is not as powerful as VLC or the others on our list.

5KPlayer is spotless and straightforward. And it is also well-known for its numerous streaming.

It can play most audio/video formats without the need for extra plugins—the user interface.

It also has Airplay and mirroring options, with recording capability.

Best features You may also import videos. And music from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Potplaye Best Video players PC

It is an excellent media player. It has incredible features. Moreover, it supports Windows 7 Windows. Moreover, 8 Windows 8.1 Windows Vista. You can also use it. IT is also great.

Nonetheless, It will provide you with positive features. And Its rating is perfect. The authority of this site is 98. From which you can gauge its popularity.

This feature-packed video player could open VLC a run for its notes. Pot Player has a full range of customization options to personalize.

You can switch within sound cards. Bookmark also previews your famous scenes and much more.

Best Video players PC as a result, Pot Player is the second-best on our list. It also supports more file formats than VLC.

It provides optimal performance while being a lightweight user experience and using techniques like QuickSync, and DXVA.
Pot Player and VLC Media Player is the one.

You can add codecs to include features. Like 360-degree output, online streaming, 3D, and so on.

Pot Player is also only available for Windows. Overall, if you wish to replace


Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

The features of this media player are perfect. It would be best if you used it and worked. Its imports are. And many people use it. Therefore It’s lovely. It’s fun to stream at night. Moreover, It supports full high-resolution videos. Even good people can use it.

Media Player Classic is Home Cinema and is a complete open-source audio and video player competent in performing multiple formats. It also combines a host of features that present one of some more helpful plans of its nature.


It can play all files. Also, those who use it are much more dissatisfied with it. I am going to inform you about some of its features what you must know about it.

It also has the option of streaming over it at night. So your eyes will not be Nixon. Brightness can also be below. Its greatest strength is how smooth it is. Moreover, It does less in a compelling way. It can run very long files. It designs VC-1 DXVA and .264h technologies. Therefore it is capable of playing even DVBTV signals. You will also enjoy this software, and you can run anything in it. You can connect it to the Internet. And if you will, URL videos inside it. So your video’s play gets in HD quality. You will like these features.


KM Player.

Best Video players PC It supports 3D, 4K, and can play videos at 8K 60 support through second on computers with essential hardware abilities.

Yet another free media player. That supports almost all videos and very beautiful audio formats for all kinds of you. You can also improve performance by adding codecs.

Moreover, Users have multiple audio and visible results to collect to secure that no feature or support is missing.

A character that we like the most is yourself may select portions of videos. As favorites, have them repeat, remap the keys for the remote interface. And so on.

You can easily edit subtitles. KMPlayer is open-source and was purchased in 2007 by the Korean streaming company Pandora TV.

GOM Media Player

It runs your movies and videos. You can put your song filter in it. You can also do a lot of customization in it. Every song of yours, every movie can play it. It can play any quality of your videos. You can put your song filter in it. There are so many types it’s hard to say. If you have regular speakers, then you can enjoy buffer in them. You can also specify which videos format can support it. This Mkv Avi can Support almost all categories.

vlc media player

Vlc Media Player 

VLC is a free platform and -open-source multimedia structure crossplayer and such actions most excellent multimedia files and several streaming customs.

You can use it. If you use it you will find here to use very delicious features. First of all, let’s talk about some of its best features. The volume of the valve that uses it is very high. There are not many such fetters here. Which will make you crazy about it. You will start using this. Also great is this is a free and best video player that can be used on every pc computer laptop and every window. The big companies use the same.

Kodi Media player

Another free and open-source with the highly customizable media player on our list is Kodi. Because of its 10-foot user interface.

Kodi is the best media member for streaming. Moreover, it’s still better if you use it with a bigger screen.

The media player inserts plugins to expand its functionality through mixing Netflix, YouTube, including different settings.

Kodi helps with all video and audio formats. As great as podcasts, including other information on the internet. Kodi was initially investing in first-gen Xbox as an Xbox media center.

They also support the most popular formats, like MP4, MKV, AVI, and their own DivX format.

Okay, next over character four, we become DivX Player.
It claims itself as a unique first media player to offer clear HEVC playback with a 4k guide.

It also supports a streaming media player. Letting you stream music, video, and images to any DLNA-enabled device, moreover, including Chromecast.

Additional features like Trick Play allow you to jump to switch scenes effortlessly. Their multiple audio options will enable you to swap between sound files without interrupting playback quickly.

You may continue playing from where you left off with its Resume Play function. It also has a one-time fee of 20.

Kodi Smart TV

In addition, it has many benefits. You will have a lot of fun. You also have Kodi Smart TV. It is effortless to install. Moreover, It has every quality. But the best is the pot player and Vlc media player. You can easily download and use whatever you like.

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